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WNY Hunting Leases is looking for Land Owners in the WNY area that want to lease thier land for hunting. Our leases provide a no liability to the land owner. We carry liability insurance for all leases.

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Looking to bow or shotgun hunt without seeing 20 guys in the woods? You will want to check us out. We do not over inflate prices. Most leases are part of QDMA program so if you looking to bag bigger bucks then this is the place.

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If you have a property you manage or are listing but want a hassle free lease while trying to sell or log then give us a call. We have all legal documents and can changed contracts to accomadate your preferences.

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WNY Hunting Leases has several leases available. If your interested in being a lease manager or looking for a lease please check out our survey link under NEWS section.

Ellicottville Lease
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Western New York Hunting Leases helps land owners, managers and hunters work together so that there is a mutual benefit for all parties. We appoint one lease manager per lease to handle members, payments and deffinition of lease rules.

WNY Hunting Leases is currently looking for Land Owners, Lease Memebers and Lease Managers for new 2014 leases. Email Dave at davidgoodberry@wnyhuntingleases.com or call/txt 716-238-4558 for more information.

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